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Power Passion

It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one:

When kings meet,
who rules who?

there are roads, tricky roads and then there's the transalpina road in romania. running through the carpathian mountains it links sebes in the north with novaci in the south, stretching over 146 kilometres of hairpin curves, slippery slopes and high altitude vertigo. since the 1930s, when king carol ii decided to make a real road out of this ancient roman trail, the locals have called it the king's road. a suitable nickname, since you need an even more powerful member of the royalty to conquer it. you need a king of the road (and yes, strong nerves wouldn't hurt either).
It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one:

Rush hour in Poplaca

Horsepower means absolutely nothing to the cattle of poplaca. a small village at the foothills of the cindrel mountains on our way to the transalpina road. every morning, large herds stroll down the high street on their way to work at the pastures outside the village. as a haulier you can only slow down, catch your breath and wait for your turn. no matter if you arrive at poplaca as a mighty ruler of the road, you will leave as a humble servant.
It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one:

Logging in for work

Pruning and felling is a tough line of business and the early mornings don't make it any easier. but andrei bulgaru of bax trans srl in sibiu is used to it and enjoys going up the mountains. the air up here is special. it's thinner, cooler and gets your spirits going. or maybe the positive atmosphere is thanks to ovidiu moldovan, who decided to join his friend on the trip. in these mountains, with narrow roads and moody weather, even a professional driver like andrei appreciates an extra pair of eyes. especially when driving a truckload of timber.
It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one:

Name: ovidiu moldovan.
Profession: mechanic.
Company: scania romania.

Name: andrei bulgaru.
Profession: truck driver.
Company: bax trans.

It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one:

A family of size

On our way up the mountains we stop in the village of jina, meeting up with kevin, mara, vanessa, teodora, diana and vlad. the family of lechintan is big. but then again, no other family is more familiar with large proportions than this one. as head of rontransmar in bistrita, vlad handles more than sixty heavy trucks specialized in oversized transports such as windmills, industrial equipment and boats. what he can't move is yet to be found out. or more likely, dealt with by his family members. in one way or another, everybody is involved in this big business.

Name: the oasha dam.
In use from: 1979.
Location: the interflow of the
beauty and slanele rivers.
Height: 100 metres.
Width: 250 metres.

It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one:

Name: robert gal.
Profession: expert driver.
Company: rontransmar.

It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one:

Breaking rocks in the hot sun

26 kilometres west of the county capital sibiu, lies tilisca and this quarry carefully hidden away in the green, lush transylvanian hillsides. to get here, remus cazacu and ilie grozav from bim srl need to leave the otherwise newly paved transalpina road and overcome a section of mud, potholes and rough stone. which is a bit ironic, since most of the gravel mined in this quarry is actually used to build high-quality roads and high-ways all over romania.

Hard as rocks. Tudor
Mercean and Marius
Cristea, both quarry-
men in Tilisca.

Wuthering heights

Name: transalpina road.
Nickname: the king's road.
Location: parâng mountains group,
in the southern carpathians.
Founded: 1938.
Length: 146 kilometers.
Highest point: urdele pass,
2.145 meters above sea level.
Completely paved: 2009.
Closed: in the wintertime.
View: breathtaking.
It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one:

A transylvanian retreat

Victory! conquering the transalpina road means that you are a true king of the road – and that you've earned a reward. like a stop at the scania workshop outside cluj-napoca, a well-known haven for truckers. not that you need a service or repairs, but how about a nice cup of coffee and a few friendly ears willing to listen to your adventures? this team sure made a brilliant effort for us.

Name: Andreea Urcan.
Profession: Office Administrator.
Company: Scania in cluj-napoca.

Name: Corina Pataki.
Profession: sales and
service advisor.
Company: Scania in cluj-napoca.

The crew at the Scania dealer and workshop in
Cluj-Napoca: Andreea Urcan, Mariana Pop, Flaviu
Surd, Alexandra Andreca, Cristian Rotaru,
Andrei Lut, Roberth Ostoros and Iozsef Szandai.

Based on a true story

Transylvania is a mythical region, full of stories and tales. however, this one is actually true. And so the immortal legend of scania, king of the road, lives on.
It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one: