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It runs in the family. Truck gear stories. Part one: It runs in the FamilyTruck Gear StoriesPart One: The Sedano Family
What will you become when you grow up? In some families the answer is obvious. The children already know, their parents know. Even grandpa knows. The more commonly asked question is: What will you drive when you grow up? But in some families, even this question leaves you with nothing but quizzical looks in response. We went to Valencia, Spain, to visit two families for whom trucking is more than a job – it’s a family passion. A passion driven by Scania engines. Scroll down and let us guide you through a day in the life of three generations of born truckers.


Meet the Sedanos, the fastest talking family north of Valencia – and probably the nicest too. Together with the charismatic grandpa Sedano, his four sons Miguel, José Antonio, Bautista and Fernando, and 23-year-old grandson Miguel, we went from their home in Puçol via the loading docks and down to the beach. If there is anything that characterizes this family, it is their love for their Scanias – the choice of truck for the family since Miguel Sr. bought his first back in 1987 - a 450 Topline. But who would make a better introduction of the family than the Sedanos themselves:
Puçol, Valencia, SPAIN
A family of 800 Miguel Sr. might be the one you notice first, but the real head of the family is 77 year old Amparo Blesa – the love of his life. Together they have not only four sons, but also no less than 800(!) pigeons. 400 of them right here in their house. Actually, their whole roof is covered with birdcages. Miguel Sr. has been breeding pigeons for more than 50 years and has won several prizes. For a while he, toghether with his star pigeons Miguelín and Jardinero, could title himself the champion of the entire Valencia province.
How to spot a veteran from a rookie. Big truck. Small garage. No problem. Fernando parks his R620 in the garage with only a couple of centimetres margin at each side. But of course, with a custom paintjob like this there is really no doubt whether it’s a vet or a tyro behind the wheel.
Granpa Miguel likes telling stories, and you got to give it to him, he’s been through a lot so he has got a lot to tell. And hey, he’s good at it.
Meet Boryana, our guide to the city. She is actually Bulgarian but has been living in Valencia for the past six years, but more than anything she’s a pan European trucker – most often on the roads between Spain and Germany in her deep red Scania R420.

“I was born to do this. My whole life has been about trucks - my grandad, my parents, my uncles and now me. It’s what I really love.”

Miguel Sedano Jr.
What do you do after a hard day’s work if you’ve got 3000 hours of sunshine per year - you go to the beach. Past generations went there to relax, and the next generations will probably not make an exception. The three generations of Sedano’s are no different. Miguel, Fernando and the rest of the crew pick up the kids from school, park the Scanias for the night and stroll down to the never-ending playa. And this is where the first part of our trip ends and where we leave the Sedanos for now, with the Valencia skyline in counter-light across the bay.
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